Gertrude, an original one-woman show based on the character of Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, features Lenka as the title character, the Danish Queen Gertrude, who is both Hamlet’s mother and the new wife of Hamlet’s uncle, King Claudius – the man who has killed Hamlet’s royal father and usurped the Danish throne. Written by the Czech playwright and radio dramatist, Anna Hodková, as translated and adapted by Lenka, the play focuses on Gertrude as she watches the fatal fencing match that leads to the tragic climax of Shakespeare’s play. Gertrude shares vignettes of her childhood, her life both with the late King Hamlet and the present King Claudius, and her wishes for her son. 

Katie Luther

A one-woman show about Katherine von Bora Luther, wife of Martin Luther (founder of the Protestant Reformation). Katherine was a woman of many talents. An ex-nun, she also functioned as a healer, administrator, and brewer of beer while supporting her husband, Martin Luther, and being the mother of their six children and large extended family. A humorous and entertaining presentation about a powerful woman of the Renaissance with great relevance for our times. 35 min. Available for Churches, Sunday Schools, Adult and Youth Groups, Retreats, Conferences, Regional and Synod Gatherings.

“Brings to life Martin Luther's wife, Katie Von Bora, with historical accuracy, humor, and theological insight … Entertaining and instructive for adults and youth alike.” – The Rev. Dr. Scott Harris, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Stamford

“Riveting, ingenious, and revelatory” – Jody Van Houten, WELCA

“Outstanding … educational, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable.” – Rev. John Corgan, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Hartford

Hildegard of Bingen

A visit from Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), the abbess, mystic, preacher, composer, and healer, whose long life spanned some of the most turbulent years of the Medieval era. Hildegard’s visions inspired the crusades, and her prophecies chastised emperors and popes. Remarkably modern in many ways, she juggled multiple careers as a theologian, church administrator, and medical author, and for the last twenty years of her life, also traveled along the Rhine River in her native Germany, healing, preaching and inspiring the faithful. Witty and revelatory. 40 min.; includes visuals and music.

Three Women of Faith

Full-length theatrical piece including Hildegard of Bingen and Katie Luther, plus Queen Sofia of Bohemia, fourteenth-century patroness of the early church reformer, Jan Hus. 110 minutes; includes visuals and music.

Time for Mime

The art of classical pantomime is brought to life in this performance, which can be combined with a lecture-demonstration or workshop. Ideal for senior centers, churches, community groups, events. 1 hour. Lenka studied mime with Marcel Marceau, and will share the art of silence. She, mimes a labyrinth, and reveals metamorphoses . The audience is invited to take imaginary trips to the shore, circus, park and witnesses the Creation. Inspirational and truly magical. Also available as a children’s performance for schools and parties, and as workshops for High Schools and Colleges.