Classical Pantomime and Performance Art

“Seven Deadly Sins and a Virtue” is an allegorical Performance Art piece combining mime, dance, costume design and visual arts, symbolic gesture, and historic context into a multi-media experience.  The piece is written and performed by Lenka and co-written and directed by Laurie Gage  (who will also play a role). The performance is inspired by a series of allegorical statues by the Czech eighteenth-century sculptor, Matthias Bernard Braun, at Kuks, a Baroque architectural monument in the northeastern Czech Republic. Kuks is also the site of an annual performing arts festival, Theatrum Kuks.  “Seven Sins” was invited to be a part of the festival on August 22, 2014.  Originally presented with projected images showing the statues, the performance was done at Kuks using the statues themselves as the context for creative interaction with the audience. attached.)
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A Mimodrama from the Ancient Legends

This full-length theatrical presentation, with a cast of six plus four technicians, brings to life the myths about Medea, sorceress-princess of Colchis, and her ill-fated marriage to Jason, leader of the Argonauts. It is written, produced, staged, and directed by Lenka, who has also played the principal role. Told entirely in pantomime and modern dance, the performance uses blacklight theater techniques and special effects to conjure the magical elements in Medea’s story. Originally conceived for the University Theater in Richardson, Texas (north Dallas), the work was recently revived for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven and Stamford, Connecticut.

Three Women of Faith

Full-length theatrical piece including Hildegard of Bingen and Katie Luther, plus Queen Sofia of Bohemia, fourteenth-century patroness of the early church reformer, Jan Hus. 110 minutes; includes visuals and music.

Time for Mime

The art of classical pantomime is brought to life in this performance, which can be combined with a lecture-demonstration or workshop. Ideal for senior centers, churches, community groups, events. 1 hour. Lenka studied mime with Marcel Marceau, and will share the art of silence. She, mimes a labyrinth, and reveals metamorphoses . The audience is invited to take imaginary trips to the shore, circus, park and witnesses the Creation. Inspirational and truly magical. Also available as a children’s performance for schools and parties, and as workshops for High Schools and Colleges.